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The path back to The Founder’s mindset

Often times, we see companies drift to places that are unrecognizable to the original founding teams.  As time passes, new leadership, management and staff assume new roles & responsibilities and often set sail in a new direction thinking that the “old way” is no longer relevant.   The new direction with its new goals, strategies and initiatives now direct the organization and become the order of the day. While new goals appear sound they are no longer consistent with the original intentions.  They are simply evolving…right? Staying relevant…Right?

So what could ever be wrong with that picture?  What’s the problem if the original cast and crew couldn’t recognize that new ship?   Read More

Our Primary Focus

Go-To-Market Planning and Execution – All aspects of getting a company prepared to bring their brand and product propositions to market in a timely and effective manner.

Brand Building and Development – Creation of a company brand that becomes part of the culture, the product and the company’s signature which differentiates and builds brand equity for the long term health of the company.

Retail Strategies for Brick and Mortar and On-Line – Service centric approach to achieving the best consumer experience possible regardless of where they find your store and offerings.

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