What Is your brand promise?

There are multiple ways business people, educators and consumers think about what a brand is.  Some think in terms of a logo or company identifier, others about those features or benefits that differentiate products or services.  How do you think about your brand?  Is it helping you to facilitate new product introductions, to set prices where you want, to maximize repeat purchases and gain adoption by the trade and the consumer?  These questions and many more are important to ask yourself and your team during company strategic planning sessions.  At Campisi Manzella, we will help you and your organization learn how to gain the maximum leverage and value from your brand.

Our definition of a brand is simple:  a brand is a promise.  A promise of what?  That is for you to determine and for you to ensure.  A promise to who?  To your customers: trade and consumer, who will learn to rely upon your brand for that promise.  It is also a promise to everyone in your organization.  Companies that are successful in adopting a culture in support of their brand promise understand the importance of the interconnectedness that allows for a singular organizational focus.  It’s not an accident when a new brand emerges or when an older brand comes to life once again.  There is a discipline to building or rebuilding a brand, a process that is both challenging and rewarding.  And brands that can articulate that promise internally and externally and deliver that promise on a consistent basis are typically your industry category leaders.  And they are usually at the top of the leader board in “brand equity”.

At Campisi Manzella, we can help guide you thru a process to identify your brand promise and incorporate it internally and externally.  The ultimate goal of a company that understands how a strong brand can impact its growth and profitability is to create the greatest brand equity possible.  That happens when its customers insist on that brand, when nothing else will do.  But before that can happen you need to create brand awareness with your customers and then brand preference.