The path back to The Founder’s mindset

Often times, we see companies drift to places that are unrecognizable to the original founding teams.  As time passes, new leadership, management and staff assume new roles & responsibilities and often set sail in a new direction thinking that the “old way” is no longer relevant.   The new direction with its new goals, strategies and initiatives now direct the organization and become the order of the day. While new goals appear sound they are no longer consistent with the original intentions.  They are simply evolving…right? Staying relevant…Right?

So what could ever be wrong with that picture?  What’s the problem if the original cast and crew couldn’t recognize that new ship?

When companies can continue to flourish long after the founder is gone, we witness the essence of sustainability.  We recognize those companies and admire their ability to maintain the original essence of the business and its mindset.  Many times however, companies are unable to re-capture and maintain that essence; resulting in a loss of true identity and long term vision.

As a result of our assessment and analysis we, at Campisi Manzella and Associates, have trained ourselves to recognize “lost ships”.  We work with the company’s internal staff to reconnect to its origins in a way that regenerates its original sense of being.  Campisi Manzella understands these non-intentional issues and how they take you off course. We can provide you with the tools you need to re-establish the “Founder’s Mindset” into your business.

We believe companies can regain their founder’s mindset; the infectious passion that overarches the entire organization.  Founders are typically assertive and passionate individuals that seem to perform at rapid speed, and they like to win.  Everything in the business is important to a founder. Having a steady flow of decision making information instead of raw data at all times is of utmost importance to them.  There is an urgency about having actual performance versus forecasted performance, at every level of the organization.

It all ties to your company mission.  Today it is very trendy to have a mission statement fashioned for you by an agency. Good copy is not what a mission is about. How many people really know the mission and do they really act on it or for that matter believe it.

Campisi Manzella and Associates believes it is essential to understand your company mission and to create a singular organizational focus around that mission.  We define a company mission by learning how a company plans to win.  What is it that is going to make you successful for the long term? That’s what every founder wakes up every morning thinking about.  When everyone in your organization can understand and articulate your company mission, you can begin to keep score.  Mission is not random, it’s the overarching strategy that should accompany every business decision you make.  And there is a process to discovering or rediscovering that mission just as your founder did.

Campisi Manzella invites you to dialogue with us about your mission …