Our Approach

Over the years we have learned that the best approach to getting the best results for our clients has been to follow a solid critical path in a definite order.

Simply stated it is:

  1. Discovery (Initial Assessment and Analysis)
  2. Confirmation of our findings,
  3. Consensus building
  4. Project definition
  5. Project scope
  6. Timeline to execute
  7. Intentional results

Some of the reasons you would call upon us

  • Reached a plateau in the marketplace.
  • Product proliferation has caused you to lose focus on profit per SKU
  • Brand is not recognizable at the consumer level
  • Company does not share a common vision
  • Lost focus of your core competency
  • Preparing to sell the company
  • Need a strong go-to market strategy
  • Market changes require different strategies
  • Accelerate sales and profitability
  • Re-align cross-functional organization

We conduct an initial assessment for our clients prior to the actual engagement. The client receives an assessment report and a review of our findings. If the client agrees with the assessment and confirms our findings, we work together to build a solid consensus and understanding of the best approach. If at any time during this part of the process, the client feels that they can proceed unassisted from us, there is no charge for our time or further obligation (we just ask to be reimbursed for our costs).

If we proceed, we create a project definition and scope together with the client to ensure agreement with the process.

Throughout the process, there are check points and delivery points for each milestone. This step eliminates errant expectations and keeps everyone on course.

The Project, once stated, includes the desired result both parties are working towards.

We stay with the client, train the staff and do the hands-on work with the front line employees as well.

The implementation of the plan directly involves the client’s employees in order to embed the necessary skills that will drive the company to achieve the goals.