Our Associates

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest business professionals in the world. As a result, we have access to a virtual team of professionals that can be called upon if needed to work on any number of projects.

A few are listed below:

Market Research and Competitive Intelligence – Determining the size of the market a company wants to compete in and the portion that is serviceable by the client is a critical step to focusing the efforts of the company to penetrate that market in a planned manner.

Marketing Research – Consumer based and Retailer based research to ensure the offering is in alignment with what consumer’s needs are as well as a retailer’s requirements for profit.

Graphic Design – Logos, complete graphic standards and Marketing Collateral.

Sourcing reviews– to determine the most effective and efficient source for product

HR – Staffing, meeting HR codes and processes in today’s world

Brand valuation – what is the brand worth today and what will it be worth after the plan is put in place.

Forensic Accounting – Reviews the accounting functions and streamlines the accounting process making it easy to understand and evaluate. This is particularly helpful in preparing a company to merge, acquire or sell.

E- Comm Development – In today’s Omni-channel market one of the best ways to display your brand and products at their best is to go direct to the consumer.  E-Comm will provide the brand with the most faithful representation of the company and its products if done properly.

Product Development Processes – We will create a step by step process and the timelines necessary to get to market sooner and sooner requires strict adherence to a PD process that will consistently deliver the right product at the right time.

Merchandising planning – SKU productivity, assortment selection and knowledge of the retailer’s needs from the brand are all part of our effective approach to Merchandising. We combine our retail and manufacturing skills to have a plan with the highest productivity and profitability for the retailer.

Retail Store Design and Implementation- Our Retail experience has had many years of success creating retail environments that result in higher units per transaction which results in higher productivity and conversion from your retail traffic.