Our Primary Focus to Sustainable Profitability

Go-To- Market Planning and Execution – All aspects of getting a company prepared to bring their brand and product propositions to market in a timely and effective manner.

Brand Building and Development – Creation of a company brand that becomes part of the culture, the product and the company’s signature which differentiates and builds brand equity for the long term health of the company.

Retail Strategies for Brick and Mortar and On-Line – Service centric approach to achieving the best consumer experience possible regardless of where they find your store and offerings.

Go-To-Market Planning and Execution

Founders(sm)  Mindset  Running your business like you are the founder of the company creates the authenticity and drive every company wishes they had. Our program objective is to create go-to-market strategies for the wholesaler that emanate from the feeling of pride and integrity of a company run by the person that had the vision to start it in the first place. Passionate execution of the business plan comes from a common vision.

Integrated Business Planning – Only an integrated plan from all disciplines in a company will sustain a common vision. Once all of the key ingredients have been established, the next step is creating a business plan that includes all aspects of the business: Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR and Finance. The process of integrating and training departments in support of the Market Strategy will further solidify the focus around the company mission.

The product (end result) of a good business plan is its ability to be executed realistically and thereby achieving real world goals. A companywide plan creates singular purpose and great satisfaction.

A comprehensive GO-TO-MARKET suite of services designed to assist our clients in creating the appropriate Market and Perpetuation Strategy for their products and brands is established, to ensure consistent and profitable growth.  We work side by side with you through this process to successfully achieve these outcomes.

Create a Common Vison, Goal & Operating Principles

We know that in order to sustain a brand and its products, a company has to be in alignment in all disciplines and throughout the organization. As part of our services, we assist companies in aligning all departments of the company to share a Common Vision, Goals and Operating Principals which enables the client to focus on their marketplace more efficiently. Vision inspires, mission is about how the company will win and values define how company associates will want to behave in order to achieve the mission.

Identify the core competency

Understanding and developing your core competency is critical to every brand. The core competency should permeate the entire organization and become a large part of the company’s and brand’s personality and is what differentiates you from your competitors.  The core competency of a company will ultimately reach the consumer and become the key brand and product identifier that connects them emotionally to the brand.

Brand Building and Development

Creating a Living Brand(sm) – At the center of every successful company is their brand. A living brand is one that lives in the minds of the target end user.

  1. Development of a Living Brand Document-  Our team facilitates the development of a “Brand Bible” for the company. This document becomes the basis for all brand and product decisions and is managed by a Brand Trust inside the company.

A living brand has four basic dimensions:

  1. Personality – distinct features just like a person
  2. Relevance and Identity – how the brand aligns with the end user’s values and needs
  3. Recognition – How well known the brand is among its users
  4. Advocacy- High enough level of trust in the brand by its end users to consistently recommend the brand to their peers.

In addition to the basics of a brand we will create a clear definition of the brand in all aspects such as:

  1. Competitive landscape
  2. Brand Personality
  3. Consumers’ requirements of the brand
  4. Brand’s Unique Selling Proposition

2.Training and Culture Development – We believe in training. We create a training program for the entire company so that each employee can be part of the living brand. Our training programs can be recorded and streamed for future use. We want everyone to be an advocate of the brand.

CM and A will work with you to develop a Living Brand that will create an internal and external brand environment and personality that will result in a cross-functional common vision incorporating all the brand dimensions necessary to having a brand that is relevant to its stakeholders. The initial assessment program will give the client and C M and A the information it requires to create a plan that is customized to get the client to a true, sustainable Living Brand position both internally and externally.

Retail Strategies for Brick and Mortar and On-Line

Service centric approach to achieving the best consumer experience possible regardless of where they find your store and offerings.

At the heart of a great retailer is the strong desire to service its customers. Understanding all that goes into a service culture is the first step towards developing a serve centric retail business. Whether you are a retailer or working closely with retailers, the principles of service first should be the basis for how you define your internal culture. Our expertise of over 30 years, comes from firsthand experience in creating a successful service-centric culture that will reward you with very high customer retention in the tough Omni-channel world of today’s retail environment.