How to increase your transactions per customer by 50%.  

This is so simple and fast it will make you sorry you did not do it sooner.

If you own a brick and mortar retail store, you have already made a huge investment in property, inventory, payroll etc. You do everything you can to build store traffic. You get your customer all the way into the store only to have them walk out or buy only a fraction of what they could have bought.

This is not a cost effective approach to retailing.

More times than I wish to count, I have been inside a retail store looking at a product or comparing products while the sales associate is “busy” folding shirts or something other than selling product.

What is their job? Chief folder? While it is important to keep a shop neat, it is more important to keep it profitable.

There is an old expression – “RETAIL IS DETAIL “, it is still as true today as it ever was and if you do not pay attention to it you will suffer the consequences.

In the case of getting more from each sales transaction, it is highly relevant.

What if you were told you could increase your sales by over 10% would you be listening? How about 15%? I would be. In today’s tough retail Omni-channel battle every point counts.

At CMA, our experienced, highly successful retail partner, Pat Galyan, has said that the difference between making $25.00 on a transaction and $75-100.00 has been seen over and over again until it was a quantitative fact. The difference is whether or not there was a sales associate helping the customer.

I have seen this first hand in my own experience when I was training sales associates at the Timberland Flagship stores. I personally was able to turn a $125.00 sale of a pair of hiking boots into a $1200.00 sale by being attentive to the customer and actively listening to their needs. I am not saying that would happen every time, but it is more likely to happen if your sales associates are trained to increase the sale.

The Big Secret is this:


Love your customers -if you see your customer as the person who takes care of you, who pays your bills and puts food on your table, you will appreciate your provider and come to love them for what they are doing for you.

Play with them – In many cases, people are in your store because they love what you sell. Your products may represent their passion or favorite hobby. They love to go to your store to see and touch all the cool stuff you have. If you share their passion and care about them, you want to play with them and show them all the toys. Show them all the accessories have them share their experience. Does this take time, yes it does but that is what your sales associates are there for…isn’t it?

If your store culture is to put service to the customer above convenience to the sales associates, you have a great chance to increase revenue per transaction.

CMA has developed a training program that has been used for years to develop a culture of Service, Love and Play.

Selling skills are only effective if they can be proven to work. The combination of selling skills and customer love and play that creates the right environment.

If you are interested in this approach to increasing your retail on the floor revenue ….

The big secret is no secret at all. It is customer attention and attention to what the customer wants and needs in addition to what they would buy if they walked around the store by themselves.